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Business,Organization and Client Building


Your culture defines you. It is what your business says to the community. It conveys your purpose through your people and how they perform. This session will teach you the difference between a transaction-based and a relationship- based mentality. You will be introduced to the concept of a proactive versus a reactive culture. Do you initiate interest in what you are, or are you constantly responding to inquiries about what you do?


Service is more than "hello" and "thank you for your business". This session demonstrates how to take customer service to its highest level by providing techniques that will help you really get to know your customer (profiling) and from this provide opportunities to enhance your relationship with them by cross-promoting additional products and services. You will learn the “ultimate business solution” that ensures your customers they made the right decision to do business with you! This session will introduction 4 levels of customer service and how you can monitor your company's service level to maximize performance every day.


Networking starts with high retention. This session provides concepts to help you make certain once a customer, always a customer. You will learn proven techniques to ask those who know you best, your satisfied customers, to favorably introduce you to others. Because of your outstanding customer service, you earn the right to ask for referrals. The techniques you learn here can be implemented into your company or organization immediately and generate results!

The C.L.I.E.N.T. Promotion System

This system is based upon 25 years of customer and client development. The C.L.I.E.N.T. Promotion System demonstrates how to effectively communicate with your clients and potential clients, how to listen and find out what’s important; identify opportunities to provide solutions; effectively promote value through your products and services; network with those who know you best and finally, thank and reassure your customers that they have made the right decision by doing business with you. Regardless of your industry, this system will work for you!

ONE UP: Your Competitive Edge

Give your organization the competitive edge by challenging your thinking above the norm. Learn a new approach to “one up” thinking as you create ideas and concepts to help your business acquire, develop and retain customers and clients. You will be introduced to The Expector Factor which helps you define, measure and achieve high expectations. This session will have you motivated to go into the workplace with a clear vision of your specific business model and how to achieve your goals. Business building has no status quo!

Sell the Passion The "Tangible" Evidence of Your Business

This session is dedicated to those in direct sales. Here you will learn the first and most important sale is to yourself. Do you have a passion for what you do and what you sell? Is this clearly displayed to your customers and potential customers? Learn how your conviction for what you do keeps customers on the books! Finally, take a trip to our prospecting and sales lab for a selling experiment. You will evaluate your current sales process in developing customers and clients and gain insight on how to achieve maximum opportunity for success.

Team Performance

The Extraordinary Team Dynamic

Learn how to become a high performing team. Whether you are beginning a new organization or working with an existing one, this session will give insight on what it takes to create an environment for maximum performance. Learn how to cultivate individual skills and combine them with others to achieve optimum results. This session takes an in-depth look at three key performance levels. Measurable: The community, customer (external) value of your team; Optimum: The employee, team member (internal) value of your team and Ultimate: The end measure of success for your team.

Team vs Group

Are you part of a common purpose or part of a common interest? There is a significant difference each producing very different results. This presentation will help you evaluate your organization and how to insure your team is structured for success!

Know Your Teammates

It is important to know who you work with and how to interact with them. While each may be very different, each plays a significant role in the end result. This presentation takes a fun look at four unique personality characteristics and how to maximize their potential. You will also get an opportunity to see which personality characteristic describes you. You may be surprised!

Keys to Empowering the Team

Discover keys to gaining optimal results from your staff and employees from leaders with over 20 years experience managing employees and supervisors alike. These concepts will empower your staff to represent your company at the highest level. Proven concepts that make the workplace a fun and highly productive environment!

Common Purpose: The Team Dynamic Target

Perhaps the most critical concept of the training program, this presentation will allow you to evaluate your team in detail to make certain you are providing an environment for optimum performance. The team value exercise will demonstrate how effectively your team is “hitting the bull's eye” regarding your business and or team’s common purpose. After this evaluation, you will gain valuable insight about your team, but more importantly, you will be given tools that will immediately help you maximize strengths and provide opportunities to improve where needed!

The IOPT Profile Assessment

A scientific, proven assessment on how individuals process and take action on instruction, direction and information. With each of the four assessment profiles, you will gain insight on how to effectively create a highly productive work environment. The key is in the knowing!

Playing By the Rules-Your Foundation for Success

Playing by the rules requires your team to have the knowledge and understanding of the laws that affect your business. However, mere compliance with applicable laws alone is not enough! Playing by the rules is also a challenge to your team to maintain a standard of excellence in the area of business ethics. Incorporating these two ingredients into your game plan is your foundation for success!

The World of Aero Space

Participate with your team mates in this fun interactive exercise designed to bring out the competitive spirit in your team. Your team has been granted the opportunity to compete against others to build the latest and greatest flying device for an exciting prize. You will be given the opportunity to prove your worth. Most significant to this exercise is the lessons you will learn regarding the importance of maximizing each person’s unique skills to achieve optimum performance. You won’t want to miss the flight of your life!

Leadership and Entrepreneurs

The Quest for Authentic Leadership

Never before has there been a time where people from all walks of life are searching for "real" leaders. Someone and something authentic to believe in. This program is dedicated to providing concepts and applications to build and sustain real leadership.

Supervising for Ultimate Performance

This interactive workshop dedicated to supervisors and management provides you tools to help measure and monitor your progress towards reaching your company's specific goals. From developing your performance model to discovering six building blocks for success, you will have what you need to get you where you want to go.

The Task Manager's Matrix

This interactive workshop takes a new approach to time management beginning with the attitude toward each task. Learn four different modes of time management operation, their symptoms and their remedies. Finally, take a visual perspective of your tasks and how to effectively prioritize and allocate each one specifically through the task manager's matrix to insure you maximize each and every day.

The Catchy Message of the Highly Contagious Organization

Why do companies spend millions of dollars to find that one catchy message that will identify them to their audience. It is because if successful, the message will brand them to those they serve. Organizations that excel in "branding" themselves are perceived as the provider of choice and sometimes the ONLY choice. This session takes an in-depth look at four critical facts about contagious and how your organization can develop them into a catchy message that will provide you with opportunities of epidemic proportion.

Strategic Planning Initiatives

Develop and implement your specific strategic plan. This session provides the critcal elements necessary to create, implement and measure your organization's strategy for success. From conception to branding, you will discover all the tools you need to put your plan into action.

Sales Training and Promotion

Master the fundamentals of successful selling and promotion. Discover the effective ways of turning "seekers into buyers". The Prospect to Client Sales System is a must for any sales oriented or promotion based business. From the pre-approach to the close you will be prepared to handle any objections and provide you and your organization with maximum opportunity to gain and keep new business.

Keynote Topic

Things Change...Things Never Change

Change in inevitable. No matter how we try to stop it, change will always be part of business. This session takes a fun look back at how things have changed over the past 25 years. But there is one thing that should never change. It is the greatest difference maker. Discover the ONE THING that has withstood the test of time.

My Passion, My Profession: The Entrepreneurial Approach to Loving My Livelihood

How can you bring the energy and enthusiasm of what you love to do to your livelihood? Simple...You must have a stake in the outcome. This session speaks to the entrepreneur in each of us; how we go to where we are and how four influencing factors that brought us this far, will take us to where we are going!

About our training

Each of the training programs described above, are customized to you, your organization and your industry to provide a positive impact to your specific workplace. We strongly believe people gain more value by being involved in a class rather than being lectured to. Because of this each session is filled with exercises, interactive videos and projects. We strive to be sensitive to our audiences’ participation level and make every effort to keep the sessions interesting and on schedule.