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A "Yes" Can Make Your Day...A "No" Can Make You...
On a typical selling day, anything can happen. I have preached endlessly about doing all you can to control your day, and I will support that effort forever, BUT, we live in a world that provides us the unexpected every... (read more)
The Quest for Genuine Leadership
There is a scene in the movie “The American President” where Michael Douglas (the President) is having a heated conversation with Michael J. Fox (his domestic advisor) where Mr. Fox states “people are searching for leadership, and in the absence... (read more)
The Million Dollar Question Part 2
To begin...a quick review of our question. “What must I do today, to see enough people favorably to share my story, convince them to do business with me, then tell others about their experience”. Good. Let’s take a look at... (read more)
The Million Dollar Question Part 1
I’ve been in sales for 26 years now and I no matter how hard I try, there are just some things that do not and will not change. Do you, like me find yourself asking questions like; “Is there an... (read more)
It's About Time: The Highly Productive 24 Part 2
To begin let’s review some of the points of part 1. We talked about how time has become one of our greatest competitors and how we must always pay attention to time. We discussed how time plays no favorites; we... (read more)
It's About Time-The Highly Productive 24 Part 1
Let me start by saying I know you are busy. I don’t know anyone who isn’t and it is very clear that things are not going to change. I recently experienced the high school graduation of my youngest son and... (read more)
What do you know about YOUR Customer Service?
I know there have been hundreds if not thousands of articles, books, studies, statistics, ad nauseam – about customer service.  In fact we all could write a book on what we consider such service.  However, the truth is, we don’t... (read more)
The New Competition
It is a given in any industry, there is competition. Over the last 25 years, however, I have personally experienced new forms and shapes of competitors unlike never before. They are so subtle that if taken for granted, they can... (read more)
It's Your Move
I discovered this great little game in college called Tetris (okay, I still play it today) and through countless hours of playing it, ah…studying it, I have discovered a secret that has application to the way we develop business. Are... (read more)
The Psychology of Customer Service Part 4
In this series, I made several points about what to expect as a customer.  So by now you realize the foundation of this “psychology” which in my opinion, centers around the view point of the customer and how being a... (read more)
The Psychology of Customer Service Part 3
May I vent?   First let me say, if you run your business in the following example, I understand you have rules by which your staff must follow – but never at the expense of a customer.    But I... (read more)
The Psychology of Customer Service Part 2
In my last article we discussed how to treat others and you get what you expect.   Let’s talk about that.   Every year we succumb to the bedlam of Christmas shopping.  In and out of stores driving everywhere and... (read more)
The Psychology of Customer Service Part 1
As you can tell, we write about loads of experiences, whether personal or business. We all have strengths and my strength is getting to know people.. drawing out their personalities and getting to know them by simply asking questions about... (read more)
As January Goes...So Goes Your Year
I will never forget the first time I heard these words. It was several years ago and I remember them as if they were just spoken. Personally, I have never heard more powerful and accurate words than these seven. I... (read more)
Things Change...Things Never Change Part 2
In  part one of this article, I discussed how things have changed over the last 25 years. While I detailed only two, I am fully aware that this list could go on and on.  Just to refresh your memory, I detailed... (read more)