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Things Change...Things Never Change Part 2

In  part one of this article, I discussed how things have changed over the last 25 years. While I detailed only two, I am fully aware that this list could go on and on.  Just to refresh your memory, I detailed how competition over the years has introduced two new competitors that were not as prominent to me as in the beginning.  These competitors are time and technology.  Both are elements that I must compete with and stay ahead of everyday in order to be successful and give myself a chance to win. But there are still today some things that have not and should never change?  Curious…Read on!


It is as clear as if it happened yesterday when my sales manager in 1984 looked me in the eye and said; “There are some things that should never change, and you need to make a personal commitment to keep it that way”.  What could this be that has stood the test of time and according to a most wise counselor, should never be altered? I can summarize in two words: treatment and promises.


The way we treat our customers should never change.  The one on one personal touch, the effort to make certain their needs are taken care of should always come first.  When we encounter a prospective customer or an existing one, they need to believe unconditionally, we are glad to help them and are as happy to see them as the first time we met.  I did a series of articles not too long ago about the Great Business Experience.  In this series I discussed how during the engagement process-or the time we are putting our best foot forward, we pay special attention to demonstrate how much we want a prospect’s new business.  I believe we need to continue this level of performance to show existing customer’s how much we appreciate their continued business.

We need to treat our customers just as if our performance depended on winning or losing their business everyday!  The way we treat our customers and prospective customers cannot be replaced or short-sided.  If we become complacent or try to reinvent the wheel, we are destined to fall.


Finally, the way we value our promises should never change.  I remember hearing my granddad say many business deals he made were sealed over a handshake.  It was a person’s word, or promise-nothing else was needed.  What happened?  If we make a promise or a commitment to our customers, it should be just like the handshake my grandfather spoke of-A done deal- You can count on me!  Your promise is your “follow through and follow up” on your commitment to those who have chosen you as their provider of choice.  Promises made are appealing; Promises kept are priceless


Now its my turn to be the wisdom giver.  I stand before you 25 years later and tell you with out reservation, my sales manager was absolutely right!  And now,  I offer you the same challenge I was given 25 years ago.  While the way business is done will change, we must make a personal commitment to never change the way we do business.  Even in today’s highly volatile world it is comforting to know that there are still great opportunities for those who proactively demonstrate their commitment to the unchanging elements of great business. I'm ready for the next 25 years and I believe you are too.  To prove it?...a simple handshake will do!

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