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A "Yes" Can Make Your Day...A "No" Can Make You...
On a typical selling day, anything can happen. I have preached endlessly about doing all you can to control your day, and I will support that effort forever, BUT, we live in a world that provides us the unexpected every day both good and bad. Obviously it is easy to finish out the day when the unexpected is a favorable event but what do we do when the unexpected brings us a great letdown…hmmm.

Imagine this: It is a beautiful Tuesday morning and you are on the phone with what you believe to be the biggest potential client of your life! You can just see the $$$. The prospect agrees to meet with you this upcoming Friday at 11:00 a.m. BOOM, you’re in. You confirm the appoint, hang up the phone and you are so excited about the conversation you can’t wait to get on the phone and call someone else. You say to yourself “That was easy, let’s do it again” and the rest of your day regardless of what happens next is filled with anticipation because Friday at 11:00 a.m. is on the way!

Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. your phone rings…It’s the BIG one telling you something has come up and they must put you off. Again BOOM, only this time BOOM rattles you to your core. You have been counting on this for three days now you are not sure it will happen at all. Now what?

This scenario can happen at any time, but it is what you do after this letdown that will define your sales practice. To take this scene a step further, you may have put in a great deal of time working with someone on a deal and at the last minute for whatever reason you hear that dreaded word “NO” I capitalize it for a reason. It is one of the biggest words a salesperson will ever hear. I have heard it many times and I am confident as long as I stay in the “asking” business, I will hear it many more times. To be quite frank, now that I look back this word has probably had more impact on where I am today than any other word. For you see, a “yes” can make your day but what you do with the “No” can make you strong.

Many times when a salesperson gets the “No” it saps the very life right out of them. They become useless for the rest of the day or even the work week! I’ve seen it. I have heard comments like “What difference does it make-I’ll start my calls again next week, I’m outta here”. When the BIG one gets away, don’t quit, look for another one. There is no gain in a “what’s the use” approach. In fact if this attitude is sustained for a long period of time, the phone collects dust, the “I’ll start my calls next week” never happens and the inevitable occurs, another one bites the dust.

Here is the point. Make the “NO” an ally not an enemy. You may think this next statement is more absurd than the latter but try this: Look for as many “No’s” as you can! Seek them out for when you do, strength will occur. First you will realize that “No” is part of your sales career and that it really isnt so bad afterall. Don’t take it personal. You will see that when you hear “No” you can handle it. But the beauty of seeking the “No” is that in the midst of all of this you will find that nugget every one of us is searching for, a “yes”.

Your positive approach to what you do after the “No’s” in your life can make you strong. They can define you instead of defeat you. You will discover that this word is not so big after all. In fact, it becomes the driving force for you to call or contact again and again. Through all the things salespeople deal with every day, with the right attitude, the next make-your-day “yes” is waiting… if you are strong enough to find it. Happy selling.
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